What you need:
1. A measuring cup
2. A mixing bowl
3. A tb spoon
4. Sea salt
5. Hair gel
6. Cononut oil

Lo que necesitas:
1. Taza medidora
2. Un recipiente para mezclar
3. Una cuchara sopera
4. Sal de mar
5. Gel para el cabello
6. Aceite de coco o cualquier aceite o cera de tu preferencia

Todo lo que tienes que hacer es mezclar todos los ingredientes en una taza de agua caliente, y si, la sal es el ingrediente principal porque estamos tratando de imitar el efecto que te da el agua salada del mar …..tampoco tiene que ser aceite de coco forzosamente puedes usar cualquier cera o aceite para el cabello que tengas disponible, es solo para contrarestar el efecto reseco de la sal…. besitos!!


All  you have to do is mix the ingredients in 1 cup of warm water, and yes, salt is the main ingredient, so you can’t skip it… lol because we are trying to mimic the effect of the sea water … which has salt in it, you may think this is obvious, but people keep asking me about it, so I had to say it….

Also you don’t have to use coconut oil, that is just an option, you can use any hair oil or serum that you have in your house, and it is mainly to cancel some of the dryness of the salt… kisses!